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What Are Healthy Fats?

When it comes to fats, there are some that are considered “bad” and some that are “good”.

What determines the category in which the fat falls in are things like the saturation of hydrogens, how the fat was processed, and the source of the fat itself.

Saturated fats are usually considered bad for us. Saturated fats are called so because all carbons in the chain are saturated with the highest number of hydrogens and, therefore, they do not contain any double bonds.

This characteristic makes the fat very stable and easy to compact.

When you consume those saturated fats, your body has a hard time breaking them down and using for energy, so instead, those fats get stored in your body.

Let’s look through the most commonly used fats today and break them down between “good” or “bad” fats.

For oils, try to avoid soybean, canola, corn, and sunflower oils.

Even though they might have some nutrients, those oils are highly processed and are stripped down of most of the nutrients. Those oils also come from the most genetically modified products in USA.

In addition, they contain a very high amount of Omega-6. Omega-6 (pro-inflammatory) and Omega-3 (anti-inflammatory) fatty acids are essential fatty acids and are good in the ratio of 4:1 accordingly.

However, most of the oils listed above, have a much higher ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3s.

Corn oil, for example, contains on average a ratio of 46:1. This imbalance is linked to most inflammatory caused disease like cancer, asthma, hepatitis, and more.

Instead of those oils, try to switch to olive, flaxseed, avocado, or coconut oils. Those oils are low in saturated fats, are not heavily modified, and contain a handful of good nutrients.

In terms of solid fats, try to introduce more plant fats like nuts, avocados, and coconuts.

Plant-based fats are associated with a lower risk of dying from heart disease and other causes.

The study done by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that higher intake of the plant-based fats was associated with a 16% lower risk of dying from any cause. In contrast, higher intake of the animal-based fats was linked to a 21% higher risk of dying from any cause.

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What Are Healthy Fats?

When it comes to fats, there are some that are considered “bad” and some that are “good”. What determines...

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