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Sucralose In Whey Protein. Is It Safe?

Majority of the “quality brand” protein labels include sucralose as one of their ingredients…

Sucralose (Splenda) is coined as a healthy alternative and low-calorie alternative to sugar.

But… it actually causes more damage than the “low-calorie” benefit is worth. 

You are going to want to stick around for this one!

In the past few weeks, we made it our mission to investigate protein supplement brands and learn about the ingredients that companies put in.

As someone with a bachelors in biochemistry, I know how important the quality of a product is.

I know how important it is to put good ingredients in your body, and I know that there are hundreds of products people use that contain very harmful or potentially harmful ingredients that no one even talks about.

Today, I want to introduce you to one ingredient that has been heavily used in the United States for years but has been shown to be “bad” or dangerous by recent studies.

You can see this ingredient in most low sugar beverages and low sugar food products, protein powders, vitamins, and other supplements.

I am talking about sucralose!

Sucralose (Splenda) is coined as a healthy alternative and low-calorie alternative to sugar.

But… it actually causes more damage than the “low-calorie” benefit is worth. 
Sucralose is considered safe for blood sugar and insulin level for people who have been consuming sucralose for a long time.

However, the recent study showed that people who do not consume sucralose on a regular basis had elevated blood sugar levels by 14% and insulin levels by 20%.

Another study from North Carolina State University tested sucralose based on FDA guidance.

They found that, unlike many people think, sucralose gets metabolized in your body and those metabolites are highly lipophilic, meaning they easily turn into fat and stick around in the body.

They also found that sucralose can reduce the abundance of beneficial bacteria in the gut and can be passed on by nursing mothers in their breastmilk.

Another one of my concerns was what happens to sucralose when it gets heated.

I know from experience, aka I was the one who did it, that people use sucralose or sucralose containing products in cooking.

Protein powder brownies or cookies became very popular in the past few years and a lot of athletes started implementing protein powder in cooking to increase their protein uptake.

Most protein powders contain sucralose.

During the heating process, sucralose decomposes into some harmful compounds like PCDD and PCDF, which have previously been identified as carcinogenic.

This happens at the temperature of 248F and gets worst as the temperature increases.

The study is not yet conclusive and calls for further research, but it is evident that sucralose is not as safe and healthy as it was previously considered by so many people.

And let me ask you this, would you consider giving your kids something that can be potential cancerous, kill good gut bacteria, or have other harmful risks on their health?

If you said “no”, then you should rethink your sucralose consumption as well.


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