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3 Keys To Get Bigger and Stronger

Are you frustrated that despite hitting the gym hard each week, eating right, while taking the ‘right’ supplements that you STILL don’t look like those dudes on those fitness sites? 

Unfortunately, you’ve been lied to… 

Did you know those body building & fitness sites and companies own some of the most popular supplement companies? It’s true! In almost all cases, the primary goal of these sites and companies is to SELL supplements… and they work so darn well! And while letting these sites & companies guide your training and diet is way better than just sitting on your couch eating Doritos, it WON’T get you to your ultimate goal of getting bigger, leaner and stronger… Don’t feel bad though… I fell for it too…

The truth is that there isn’t really all that much to getting strong, fit and healthy. In fact, it’s really quite simple… 

After falling for the trap laid by thousands of fitness companies and body building sites, I spent 6 years doing probably what you’re doing: hitting the gym, thinking you’re getting bigger and stronger, scarfing down tons of protein and other random supplements, only to be disappointed at the supposed gains these companies & fitness sites promised you… 

But it wasn’t until I realized the only way to get those REAL gains is to follow a simple 3-Step Plan, which I lay out for you below provided to me by a Division 1 athlete buddy of mine:

1. Do Compound Lifts with Progressive Overload

You need to be spending most of your time at the gym doing compound exercises, the ones that involve multiple muscle groups and multiple joints. We’re talking working out primarily with key movement exercises like squats, dead lifts, bench press and military press.

Use the bar or dumbbells – NO Planet Fitness Smith Machines! And you want to be moving HEAVY WEIGHT – NOT high reps of light weight with isolation machines. Aim for 75% to 85% of your one-rep max. In most of your sets, lift heavy weight for 4-6 reps. If you’re doing more reps than that… what are you doing…? It’s time to up the weight! Once you can do 6 reps, then add weight progressively each week.

To grow muscle, it’s simple… you need to lift more weight than you did the week before! THAT is how your muscles grow. In doing this, you’re getting stronger over time – progressively, week after week – doing the same exercises mentioned above with more weight or more reps.

That’s progressive overloading. By increasing tension levels in your muscles progressively over time, that’s how you get bigger, not to mention stronger.

2. Track Your Workouts

To make gains each week, it’s VITAL that you remember what exercises, how much weight, and how many reps you did the week before. All of which is why you need to track your workouts. You won’t really know what you did the week before or a month ago unless you track.

Most guys hate to do this because its a pain. I get it… Sure, you can get away with not tracking in the beginning because it’s so easy to gain muscle and strength at first. But once those easy gains are gone, if you don’t start tracking your workouts, you will hit a plateau and STOP making gains. I promise you – I’ve been there… It’s easy to do though.

Some guys go old school and bring a simple spiral notebook with a pencil to the gym, other guys track it in the notes on their phone or a spreadsheet. However, you do it, just do it. Plus… it’s GREATLY satisfying when you look back a month or so in and look at all the gains you’ve made on all those key exercises.

Not to mention… how good you’re starting to look!

3. Stop Wasting Your $$$ On Supplements That Don’t Work

I used to spend hundreds of dollars a month on supplements (you know…testosterone boosters, weight gainers, pre-workouts, post-workouts…)

Eventually I realized that sub-par supplements don’t build great physiques, only proper diet, high-quality supplements, and proper training does. Unfortunately most supplements on the market right now can’t deliver a fraction of what they promise. They’re not even worth the bottles they’re sold in.

Fortunately though, there are natural compounds that WILL help you gain muscle and strength faster while improving various aspects of your health. Things like a solid non-GMO whey protein free of artificial sweeteners, dyes, and flavors and that is sourced from cows that are antibiotic & hormone-free.

So you may be asking yourself: “Is it really THAT simple?”

No. Just being honest. Those are the basics – but those basics will get you off to a great start. Without question. And a great start is what you need at this point, but to take it to the next level, you’re going to need to focus heavily on your nutrition.

BONUSThe things you’re consuming everyday play a GIGANTIC role when it comes to your results in the gym. Sure… you can get away with it for a little bit but trust me, it will catch up with you. Not only will your results come to a screeching halt, but your overall health is going to start to tank as well. That’s when getting those easy results you used to get comes to an end. And to be honest… the best place to start when it comes to fixing your nutrition is with the supplements you are using in place of meals.

That’s why we developed a high-quality whey protein supplement, Pure Whey. See, not all whey protein powders are created equal. A lot of those fitness websites and companies I mentioned above source their whey from cows that may have been exposed to antibiotics & hormones, let alone, you will find their whey protein powder’s are full of artificial sweeteners and dyes in which studies have shown could cause major health problems.

Why risk it?

Bottom Line Is This…

If you want to be muscular, lean, and strong as quickly as possible without steroids, without good genetics and without wasting ridiculous amounts of time in the gym… then you want to supplement your intensive training with high-quality supplements like Pure Whey.

And when you start making those massive gains, start to love to look at yourself in the gym mirror or the one at home, while thinking back on when you were just frustrated by all the lies and deceit of the fitness sites & companies…

you’ll know you’d made the right choice.

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